Disadvantages of chandeliers

As we know that having chandelier is so precious and it makes you house elegant beautiful and it can makes you feel pride. Nowadays chandelier has become a status symbol now everyone want to install it at their homes because no doubt that these lights are so much beautiful and gives extra look of your room and one more thing that they cover the less area of your room and have thousands of types. When you go for chandelier it can make you confuse that what king of chandelier you would choose for your house. No doubt that ceiling lights in Dubai has much importance but chandeliers in Dubai have become craze for the people. Everyone in Dubai want to buy chandelier for their rooms even they are so much expensive to buy but the importance of the chandelier is not getting less. But on other hand there are much disadvantages of chandelier that becomes sometime annoying for you. Because for getting it install at your room you need to get a perfect person who can easily install it at your rooms and sometime if there is problem in chandelier it would not be easy to change it properly. Here are some problems that you can face of having chandelier are as follow,

Need professional Installer

Well if you want to install chandelier so you can not trust any one who doesn’t know that how to install the chandelier, because you invested a huge amount on it and you want it to make your room beautiful but sometime unprofessional installer can ruine you investment which can hurt you. So before getting install it you need to find the professional installer.

Extremely difficult to change the style

Once you have installed the chandelier and it doesn’t look elegant at your room and you are not satisfied so defiantly you would think to change the style but it’s not easy to change the style once you have installed it on your ceiling. It can be damage with some carelessness and to change it you need to be very careful otherwise your investment could be ruined.

Extremely difficult to clean

One more disadvantage that it’s so much difficult to clean it and it takes lots of time for cleaning, but to clean the chandelier you need to stand on the stool