5 Fun & Interesting Facts About Ferrari

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For most people, the brand Ferrari stands for fast luxury sports cars. Although it is true, there is more to the brand apart from stunning automobiles and a prancing horse. These interesting but fun facts would definitely help you get to know the brand more:

  1. The color red was not the first choice


When people think of Ferrari, the first color that comes to mind is the color red. But the said color was not Enzo Ferrari’s first choice. The color red is the official color that the International Automobile Federation (FIA) assigned to their racecars. As a racing enthusiast and head of the Scuderia Ferrari, Enzo Ferrari abided by the rules. But the Ferraris today come in different colors – from bright, shiny red to soft metallic grey. However, a lot of buyers still prefer to have their Ferrari cars painted in red.


  1. Fiat is a silent co-owner


A lot of people think that Ferrari is a standalone company, being headed by the Ferrari heirs. But the truth is, the company is also owned by another popular car company: the Fiat. According to records, father and son Enzo and Piero sold some of their shares to the Fiat group in order to get more capital. By the time of Enzo Ferrari’s death, their family only owned 10 percent of the company.


  1. Ferrari cars are highly customized


One of the reasons why Ferrari cars are way too expensive is because buyers have the ability to personalize their Ferrari cars through the company’s tailor-made program. This program allows the buyers to decide on every element of the vehicle – from the colors to the interior finishes. The car would take two years to complete following the approval of the overall design.


  1. The prancing horse logo came from an emblem


Ferrari is known for its cavorting horse logo. But Enzo Ferrari did not come up with the logo by himself. The logo was originally from a World War I pilot hero Francesco Baracca, who died during the war. His parents, Count and Countess Baracca, asked Ferrari to use their son’s emblem for their race team. But it was only nine years after that that Alfa Romeo, the team managed by Enzo Ferrari, was allowed to use the logo.


  1. There was a low-cost Ferrari available


When people think of Ferrari, the first thing that comes to mind is that it’s an extremely expensive car. Although it is a fact, there was one model that almost cost the same as the Ford Granada. The Ferrari 330GT was sold in an auction for the price of 10,000 pounds.