5 Rent A Car Mistakes That Tourists Need To Avoid

Renting a car brings great convenience to tourists and locals alike. For one, a Ferrari rental in Dubai can provide you with an array of luxury cars and SUVs that you can use for any occasion – whether you want to vacation in style or just want to show up in an event in a spectacular fashion.

But you need to be very cautious when you rent a Ferrari in Dubai. If you have plans to lease a luxury car, be sure to avoid the following mistakes:

  • Not double-checking


Most people who rent a car are quite excited on the prospect driving a luxury car that they forget to have it checked. A pre-inspection is a necessary step to ensure that the vehicle is in good condition when you take it out of the dealership. It is also important to avoid being charged for the damages that you did not incur. Be sure to take a photo of the vehicle, take note of the damages that you will notice, and tell the dealership about it.


  • Not combing through the fine print


The lease agreement serve as a proof that the dealership is allowing you to lease the vehicle and take it out of their garage. It contains the stipulations and terms that the dealership require to their renters. Signing it without reading would mean that you are agreeing to all their stipulations, even the ones that you don’t agree with. So be sure to read the lease agreement before you sign it. Clarify items that are vague and make sure that you furnish an edited one before signing.


  • Renting on airports


When you are working on a budget, it is best to book it in advance through a dealership. By doing so, it is easier for you to get considerable discounts and promo codes. Renting on airports would break your bank account. As much as possible, deal with a car rental company offsite.


  • Getting all the add-ons


Some car rental companies and dealership will try to upsell add-ons to their clients so they can get more. If you are working on a shoestring budget, it is best to avoid this kind of deal. Not only you will get upgrades and gadgets that you don’t need, there is a high chance that you will overspend.


  • Returning it late


One of the biggest mistakes of renters is that they return rented vehicles on whatever time they prefer. But that is not how this industry works. Car dealers require their clients to return the vehicles on specific time since these vehicles might be scheduled for another booking for another clients. Returning late would also incur additional charges.