How to take care of your health

Your health is your wealth. Whatever you are getting in this world is because of your fresh mind and active legs. Therefore, take care of them otherwise you will regret.

There are many ways to look after yourself but some are easy to follow. They are basic.
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Diet: Instead of depending on chips and biscuits to get instant energy, have wholesome meal in breakfast that consist of a glass of milk with veg sandwich or omelet or boiled egg or healthy pancakes that would have honey instead of sugar or anything else which is healthy and you like. Try to prepare some nutritious lunch and dinner for you. You can prepare thick vegetable sandwiches that would have cheese, sausage or any meat and your favorite vegetables. You can even prepare boiled rice with your favorite curry and salad to give lots of flavours to your mouth. And if you love liquors and juices, then do prepare a fruit juice or smoothie in dinner with anything healthy and light to eat. This will make your diet healthy and flavorful.

Lifestyle: Stop sleeping late and waking late or some minutes before going for work. Give importance to time. Try to wake up earlier. If you have to leave at 7am for office, then wake at 5am and give sometime to yourself. Do exercise, go for walk and feel productive. Do your hobbies to make yourself feel fresh and worthy for something. Besides this, change your eating habits too. Do not chew instantly. Chew your food or every bite 32 times. It will make you healthier because at many times we eat more than our body needs which cause problems. Too much chewing will lessen these problems and let you enjoy this world with healthy tummy and digestive system. You can even visit gym for your health and safety, dubai has so many world’s renowned gyms and trainers, to keep yourself healthy.

Mental Health: Take care of your mind and mental health as well because your mind is also an organ. It also needs your attention and love like your stomach and mouth. Give some time to yourself. Relax every-day. Go for hangouts if it relives you. Celebrate your day and have gossips with your friends and families.

So, these are few things which you can do to take care of your health and keep yourself safe from diseases and hospitals. Health is very precious thing. Take care of it and live a healthy life.