Own a Ferrari? Protect it against theft with these tips

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As the owner of a Ferrari, you would obviously want to take utmost care of your property after adding such a prized vehicle to your investment portfolio. Taking proper care of your Ferrari includes careful driving, routine maintenance and acquiring adequate insurance for it. However, there is one aspect of owning a Ferrari that you might overlook and put your asset in danger: theft. Yes, protecting your automotive jewel against theft is extremely important, so make sure that you do not overlook this aspect.

There’s a lot that depends on the ways in which your Ferrari is being used. For instance, if you drive your vehicle every now and then, it is necessary for you to take certain steps to ensure that it remain safe at all times. However, if you have kept it as a show piece that remains indoors, then there is not much that you have to worry about in terms of its safety.

Precaution is always better

Major crimes like auto theft can easily be protected by taking certain precautionary measures. To begin with, whenever you leave your Ferrari, you must make sure that it is secured. When in the outdoors, it is vital for you to park it in an area that has lots of people walking around. The area must also be well-lit so no one would dare touch it with the wrong intentions. Also, the wheels of your vehicle should also be turned sharply towards the curb. This will make it just about impossible for car thieves to try to tow it away. Apart from that, the registration papers and title of your car should never be left inside. While you are at it, original Ferrari accessories should not be left in open view as well as these might incite theft attempts.

If you are serious about the safety of your Ferrari, you could also have computer chips installed on it. You can get these installed on your ignition keys, which will make it impossible for thieves to bypass the ignition. Another option that you have is to get steering wheel locks, deflators and tire locks installed on your car. Considering that these take a lot of time to deal with and deactivate, your car will not be attractive to thieves at all.

On the whole, when you purchase a Ferrari, it adds to your list of assets. For this reason, it is extremely important for you to make sure that it is protected against major crimes like theft at all times.